Eating: “Doughnuts”

April 26, 2010 08:55 by ehouston

I had a craving for doughnuts and this is what transpired.


I pulled some things together that I though might work.  Dough, of course, and some toppings.  Powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and a little OJ mixed with powdered sugar to make a citrus glaze.


Holes were cut in the Pillsbury Grands Biscuits.  (Yes, they were whole wheat!  Because these were healthy doughnuts!….right, right…)


Some frying happened too.  It was so fast, the picture came out blurry.  ;o)


And, at last the eating commenced.  YUM!

I am beginning to think that all Pillsbury refrigerator dough has been sent from heaven for us to use in any and all crazy concoctions.  (Check out my chicken empanadas post here for another idea.)  It never fails to come out tasting wonderful, no matter what you make with it.

Have you guys ever used any of the Pillsbury products to make something completely different from what they originally intended?  Do share, I am always up for a new kitchen project.

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April 26. 2010 13:28

Kelli Campbell

My mom would occasionally make doughnuts like you did, and she just shook them in cinnamon & sugar, and they were delicious. As far as other uses for biscuits, we've done like you and made empandas. On the Southern tip, they're good for dumplings and fried pies.

Kelli Campbell

April 26. 2010 14:41

Niesz Vintage Home

Those look soooo good!
Years ago, Steak and Shake used to make fried biscuits. They were rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with warm syrup. Yum!
I had forgotten all about those...thanks for reminding me how good they were. Smile


Niesz Vintage Home

April 27. 2010 07:28


I've made doughnuts with the Grands biscuits just like that but used cream cheese frosting as a "glaze". Warm a small amount up in the microwave so it thins out and then pour it on - YUMMMMMM!!!!!


April 28. 2010 00:14


Okay, but say you baked a whole bunch of biscuits to use as the base for strawberry shortcake (warm biscuits, vanilla ice cream, sauteed strawberries & bananas) and you have a ton of baked biscuits leftover. What to do with them????


April 28. 2010 07:49


Okay, I am starving now for those biscuits from Steak and Shake (never had them, but they sound devine!), a fried pie (yum!) and cream cheese glaze....that's just over the top in all the right ways!
Whitney- That sounds like a really terrific strawberry shortcake recipe. I would make breakfast biscuits with the rest;sausage/bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese. I make those for the hubs all the time. He LOVES them and I bet your kiddos would too. Better than Mickey D's any day!


May 7. 2010 03:49

melody delish they look. I love the canned biscuit idea!


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