Eating – Doughnuts Again!

October 11, 2010 04:46 by ehouston

Better Homes and Gardens has long been my favorite magazine to keep on hand.  Since I was little and I flipped through my mom’s copies of this magazine I have always discovered all kinds of interesting recipes, crafts and lovely homes to ponder.  To this day, BHG is the only magazine subscription I refuse to do without…no matter how tight the budget gets!  Yes, I just like it that much.

Well, BHG has done it again.  This latest issue has alternative uses for bacon!  From the moment I flipped the page and read the article title I started thinking, hey this is right up my alley.  I have had the bacon in double chocolate cookies a la The Hot Chocolatier (fab-U-Lusssssss!) and I have heard of baking it with a brown sugar coating to use it in other recipes.  But, when I saw this suggestion I made sure to buy the ingredients the next day and get started right away on this hot little number. 


I was already drooling while standing in the check-out line.  For those of you that do not know, I am a total Baconphile (yeah, I just made that up)!  I love, love, LOVE bacon.  I would say it’s the meat (if you can call it that) which has held me back from being a vegetarian.  (Pa-shaw!  Hee!)  But, to add it to one of my other all time favorite foods….WHAT!?!….this is just crazy!  I thought my head was going to explode.  (I know, I like food way to much).

So, here is my version of this delicious concoction:


As you can see mine never made it to the plate.  They were sooo good!  Rich does not even begin to describe them, but they are worth all 800+ calories for a one time indulgence.

Aw, come on.  You know you want to try it too!

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October 11. 2010 05:24


Oh, something off the wall like this is right up my alley! Jennifer is going to vomit when she reads this, though. You know that, right?


October 11. 2010 10:24


Oh my gosh! I thought the same thing, Kelli. HA!


October 12. 2010 05:37

Jennifer H

You two are mean. But, I must admit, I read this and thought, Blech! No WAY am I eating that!

Jennifer H

October 13. 2010 14:08

Jennifer H

My mom went "ick" too when she read about this Smile

Jennifer H

October 14. 2010 03:58


Jennifer, you and your mother have no taste! ;o)


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