Fall Spruce Up: Found The Perfect Spot For Our Garden Gnome....

November 2, 2009 00:45 by ehouston

The Mister and I were cleaning up the yard this past Halloween weekend and we found the perfect place for our new little garden gnome. 



I believe he fits in quite nicely by the squirrel the previous owners left behind.

What do you think?

Kitsch Krafts

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November 2. 2009 15:40

Niesz Vintage Home

Well, I must say, that's the cutest garden gnome I've ever seen. Smile
(What a sweetie...I can't believe you got him to keep the beard on. LOL)


Niesz Vintage Home

November 13. 2009 15:19

Melody Brown-Albers

Oh my! I really want one of those my garden!!! He is toooo cute.

Melody Brown-Albers

November 19. 2009 09:28

Kitsch Krafts

Thanks Ladies! It was a real hoot dressing him up and he really did not mind the beard at all. He just kept trying to eat it!

Kitsch Krafts

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