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October 17, 2011 07:30 by ehouston

Three weekends ago I finally got around to returning the two dead Leyland Cypress trees to Lowe’s for a refund after they up and died on us within a one week period.  They literally went from looking fine to being completely brown within days.  So weird.  Well, this time I did a little more research before making my purchases and decided to add some large holly trees to our yard.  I was told to purchase Nellie Steven’s holly bushes, but when I got to the nursery up the street they had a great deal on Robin’s Hollies, so I bought them instead.  I’m such a sucker, right?  Anything for a sale price!  Even though the information posted read just like the Steven’s Hollies, they will probably die soon too.  Okay, I will get over my melancholy now and just pray for the best.

Back to where I started, three weeks ago I picked up two 6 foot Robin’s Hollies and they have been sitting in position in our yard ever since. 


Hello, my crooked little street buffering friend!

I brought them home late on a Sunday afternoon, just shy of the end of the Little Guy’s nap, so there was no time for planting.  In removing these beasts from the truck I managed to strain my lower back something fierce and continued to feel the pain until mid-week when I then found out we would possibly be having company for the weekend.  Change-O-Plans and I went into Operation Clean House to be ready just in case.  Well we had a nice visit and as soon as our company left, the rains began.  I say “rains” because I was beginning to think we were living in the tropics or something!?!  This past weekend was finally nice enough for yard work, but alas, I was already committed to a parade and festival on Saturday and Sunday School Sub the next day.  Let’s just say this is the first moment I have had to really deal with the two large Holly bushes/trees in our yard.   Now, I think I may just be procrastinating the inevitable… our crazy neighbors are out there relentlessly blowing every bit of dirt off their driveway.  As soon as that blower goes off, I’m ON IT!

Kitsch Krafts

PS – Got ‘er Done!


Drink, drink, grow, drink and GROW!!!!

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