Happy Easter Everyone!

April 25, 2011 07:39 by ehouston

We had a lovely Sunday, Easter day and hope that everyone else did as well.  Unfortunately in my rush to get to church and then to get the panty hose off immediately after, I forgot to have us sit for what would have likely been a fantastic family shot!  Oh, all the ones I miss seem to be the most “fantastic” right?  It’s always the ones that got away.  hee… hee…

The Little Guy spent his first day in Sunday School/Church Day care while The Mister and I enjoyed the service.  We tried bringing the Little Man in for the service, but after the first VERY loud song he had, had enough.  Luckily his dad took the advice of another member and tried leaving him in the 19 month old class.  After a brief freak out, the Little Guy eased in with a cutie in a flowy  dress and all was well until we returned.  I think we are in for something really, really rough once the teen years hit.  This kid is already all about the babes!

Later that afternoon we headed next door to enjoy an egg hunt with the neighbors and their granddaughter.  It was so sweet and such a nice way to end the day.




Hope all of you had a good time and didn’t over do the candy too much this year!

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April 26. 2011 05:30


Sorry but I cannot stop laughing. He is a cutey alright!


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