I'm going to Graceland, Graceland....Memphis, TN....

May 21, 2008 05:50 by ehouston

That’s right!  I am finally making the pilgrimage to Kitsch Mecca!  For years and years, I have wanted to see the place Elvis called home, no make that the place he called “Graceland”.  I am not exactly a big Elvis music fan, but his mystique has always fascinated me.  Having been to Memphis, TN several times in the past for business, you would like to think I would have made my way over to the ghett-o where his fabulous abode sits.  Unfortunately, I have yet to make that trek, but I am about to change all that this Memorial Day weekend.  Considering I am not the biggest Elvis music fan, I am however, the girl that always thought I would fly off to Las Vegas to get married by Elvis.  I just had this idea that a big wedding would be too much to take on and I am also a total spur of the moment type of gal.  So, even with planning ahead I always felt that the trip to Vegas and quick nuptials with an impersonator would be so much fun.  Alas, my husband to be had other plans and they included a nice sized wedding with all of our family and friends.  This is not something I regret at all and I still hear comments about how our wedding was one of the most fun times our friends have ever experienced.  Elvis, or no Elvis.

I am making a special scrapbook for this occasion and will be blogging the project after the trip.  More Kitsch Tackiness to come…..

Exhibit A: Really bad photo from our big day.  And, yes, among many colorful guests we did also have a moose at our Wedding.  ;0)


Exhibit A

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May 23. 2008 02:12


I can't wait to see your scrapbook! I've never been to Graceland either so perhaps you'll inspire me Smile

Love the moose too!!!


May 23. 2008 07:50


That was freak'n awesome moose!


September 29. 2010 08:00


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