It’s A Girl!

February 3, 2011 08:50 by ehouston

Just kidding.  No more babies for now.  I am talking about my new furniture baby, though.  Finally, after years of searching I found the perfect dining room table and chair set.  Right before I met The Mister I acquired the teak dining room hutch that you all have seen in many of our recently DIY’d dining room pictures. 


During all these years together, I have been on a search for a Danish Modern dining set to match…even though we have never had a dining room in any place we have ever lived.  I know, I’m crazy.  I just knew that one day I wanted a dining room and I thought it would be nice to have all the pieces in a similar style.

Well flash forward about 13 years and I find myself window shopping with a friend at the beginning of January.  This is not a time that I spend money.  In fact, I always try to plan out our Christmas spending so well that we can hit the sales at the beginning of the next year, but things have yet to go my way in that area of organization.  So here we were just taking some mom time, alone, to check out a few of the consignment shops around our area, when we stumbled upon it.  “It” being the perfect little round table with cute corded chairs.  They had it set up as a little reading area, but the split down the middle of the table caught my eye.  I realized this table potentially had matching leaves and it could be “the one”. 

Sure enough, the table had not just one, but two leaves, opened to eight feet and had six chairs!  There is definitely a lot of restoration work that needs to take place before this new furniture baby is brought back to its former glory and we will need to find two end chairs to have decent seating for eight.  Also, several of the chair seats have seen better days, but I could not pass up the cheap price.  I found this set, which ended up having a seventh chair hiding in the warehouse, for $400 bones!  That’s right, my entire dining room furniture set (table and chairs, refurbished bar and vintage hutch) comes in at a whopping, wait for it…..$545.00!  Yeah, that’s right!  It’s high five time for the budget!


I definitely have some work to do and I have been surfing the web and sending out emails to different Danish furniture sites for help with the best way to refinish everything.  So far it sounds like a cheap and easy fix with just a lot of elbow grease involved.  The only thing I am sort of fearing at the moment is reworking the cords on a couple of the chair seats.  Several have just a broken string or two (See Below) and I know with a little patience I can fix those, but one in particular looks like it was hit with a weedwacker.  I may have to breakdown and pay for it to be made whole.  I don’t know yet.



This room is finally coming together in a way that makes all of us very happy.  The Mister likes that we have a functioning space, the Little Guy loves running circles around the dining set and I am happy my search is finally over.  Whew!

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February 4. 2011 04:39

Whitney Werner

LOVE IT! Congrats on finding it; what a steal. YAY!

Whitney Werner

July 5. 2011 02:21

carpet cleaning Melbourne

I like it. You have a taste for designing. I also got an idea in your style. =)

carpet cleaning Melbourne

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