It’s Official!

February 25, 2011 01:40 by ehouston

We are now those people.  You know, the ones who take perfectly nice black and white shots from their travels…


…that have been blown up, matted, then framed…

And, replace them with gratuitous, over priced, matted, then framed professional shots of their child.



Kitsch Krafts

PS- Apparently we are those people who also hang their pictures too high.  I will be correcting that this afternoon.

PSS- Any advice on how to lose the glare when taking photos of framed art?  I turned off the flash and the lights in the room, but still could not get a shot without a lot of glare. 

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February 25. 2011 06:59


How can ya help yourself, that kid's damn cute!


March 2. 2011 05:15


You can get rid of the glare by taking the pics when it's dark outside, turning off the flash but turning on other ambient lights in the room. The glare, it looks like, is coming from a window.

That kid is too cute not to take his pics!!!


March 2. 2011 06:31


Thanks Ladies, for the sweet compliments!

And, thanks Jen for the advice. Unfortunately that area is flanked by a door and window on each side, so I'll just have to try waiting until it's much darker out if I try this again.


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