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September 22, 2008 02:11 by ehouston

Yesterday, while the Mr. was in ecstasy roaming the beautiful grounds of Valhalla in Louisville, KY, drooling over the incredible Ryder Cup play by play (WAY TO GO TEAM USA!!) I was home puttering around on my own.  It's not that I did not want to attend the Ryder Cup myself, but he scored his ticket last minute and was planning to spend the day with the guys.....something I have learned to leave well enough alone.  Plus, he had a great time, getting all pumped up like it was a football game or hockey match and I am just not that crazy about sports, so the excitement gets sort of lost on me.  In fact, almost in protest of all the TV coverage that went on in our home of the Cup up until Sunday, I decided to just flip around through all of what I call the home channels to just get away from sports announcer talk for a while.  You know the ones, HGTV, TLC, that new Green channel, DIY Network, Fine Living Network and some other ones that I always seem to come across on lazy weekends spent vegging out.  I really did not spend a lot of time watching anything because my puttering around consisted of working on what we are now referring to as "The Den Remodel From Hell", so I put the TV on as background noise while I hammered, caulked and painted.  At one point the channel I had landed on went into a marathon of a show called Bridezillas.  Again, I was sort of half-heartedly watching TV while working, otherwise I would not have been watching such a lame show.  Anywho...for those of you that have not seen this show it chronicles (if you can give it that much class) the wedding plans and big day of brides that are over the top obnoxious, crude, rude and generally embarrassing to say the least.  The scary thing is that they don't even seem to know how gross their behavior is, to the point of allowing cameras to follow their every move.  It's amazing!  The only reason why I even bring this show up or admit that I have seen it is for one simple question, Is it just me, or do all these people sound like they are from Jersey no matter where they are from?  East coasters, west coasters, to the mid-west, all of the brides and their families had tough-guy, take no crap sort of accents and it started to crack me up.  (Please note: no offense is meant to those from NJ that do not sport the stereotypical, going to kick everyone's butt accent.)  So, I believe I have had my fill of Jerry Springer-esque bridal shenanigans for the rest of my life, yet the Den Remodel From Hell continues on....

One precious moment from an episode shows the lovely lady below telling one of the bride's maids (in front of the bridal party) that she appeared to have gained weight since they tried on their dresses almost a year before.  So, she had ordered her a larger size dress because she did not want her to have to deal with those fatty back rolls that would most likely stick out over the top of the back of the dress (I kid you not, I am quoting her words).  Awwww, how totally and completely thoughtful of her.

Megan & Celinda

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September 22. 2008 17:16

Linda Crispell

Isn't it amazing that being a horrible person gets you on television. Try watching "My Sweet Sixteen" on MTV! The ickiest people and their horrible 16 year old daughters.

Linda Crispell

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