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November 24, 2008 11:09 by ehouston

Over the years my reading time has been whittled down to during the ads in between my nightly "stories", at the breakfast table while scarfing down some vittles and occasionally a 30 minute turn just before bed time.  In recent years my aunt has opened me up to the idea of listening to books on tape.  This was a concept that had never occurred to me and I started by listening during my daily commute.  I suddenly found that my extreme road rage subsided and I actually wanted to stay in my car longer after I had arrived at work, not just because I did not want to go in to cubicle land, but because I was anxious for the next part of the story. 

Once in a while I get on another audio book kick and I bring a stack home from the library.  I like to listen while doing the mindless, paper pushing stuff required at my 9 to 5 and also while sewing or crafting.  Although, I will admit there are times that my mind gets so wrapped up in what I am doing that I sort of tune out the story.  Usually this only happens when the story is not keeping my attention in general and most of the time I really enjoy this type of background noise.  The only thing I have trouble with is telling someone else about the book.  I always start to say, "Oh, I read that book" and then I catch myself and realize, no, I listened to that one.  It just sounds funny when you tell people that and I have not figured out a way around it yet. 

Here are some good ones I have listened to just recently:

Velocity, By Dean Koontz...not what I expected, but in a good way.

White Out, By Ken Follet....very edge of your seat suspense and fast-paced.

The Secret Life of Bees, By Sue Monk Kidd....I really liked this one a lot, but I love slice of life southern tales.  The woman that narrates, Jenna Lamia, does a great job!

The Poisonwood Bible, By Barbara Kingsolver....I was not so sure I would like this one, but because the characters are from the south I ended up enjoying the accents and their way of looking at life.

So, go out a listen to a book, why don't ya?!?

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