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February 2, 2011 06:36 by ehouston

No, I did not forget about posting more info regarding the bar project.  We have been using it since Thanksgiving, but since it was not quite finished I decided not to post any updates about it.  However, since it still has some kinks to be worked out and I’m not sure when that will happen, I thought I would share where we are so far.  As you may or  may not remember, I posted a little update on projects I had in the works.  This was the picture I shared at that time.


We had thrifted this cutie at the local Sal. Army for $50.00.  It is by Bassette furniture company, with dovetail joints and a decent finish.  There were only moderate scrapes and bruises from time and a few fresh dings from the days spent at the thrift store.  All of these issues would be easy to sand out, fill in and clean-up.  My biggest goal with this piece was to transform it into a bar cabinet with swing out doors rather than six separate drawers.  Oh, and to make it look good enough that The Mister would stop his snickering at the idea.  I also wanted to do this without spending any more than necessary.  With stain, spray paint and sealer for the top I was only in this thing for around $75.00 and I wanted to keep it that way!

Over the course of a couple of weeks I would spend 30 minutes every other day or so gutting, filling, sanding, priming, etc.  (Remember, I am only able to work during naptime and have to keep up with the house too.  In other words, time is VERY limited.)  It was remarkable how easily the drawers and inside pieces came apart.  (Thank you, Jesus!  Can I get a Hallelujah?)  A few taps with a hammer and everything just came out.  The hardest pieces to remove were the two cross boards that held up the first and second row of drawers.  They had been put in place as the sides, top and bottom were also fitted together and they slid perfectly into side holes.  I ended up having to do a little damage to the inside edge in order to pry them out, but luckily that area is out of view.  I ended up using the thin wood from the drawer bottoms as a backing for the drawer fronts, to create one solid door piece.  A little household glue and lots of brads and they came together nicely. 

Once the basic demo was completed I had intended to fit the inside of the now open cabinet with a bottom and back board to make everything flush and pretty.  However, I started to have some divergent ideas about organization of our glasses, wine, liquor bottles and bar tools, so that part of the project came to a screeching halt.  The Mister also chimed in about wanting to store our extra wine in the cabinet, something I had not intended to do, so I felt all thrown off when new ideas started rushing in.  What I ended up doing was using leftover wood from the drawer bottoms and sides in order to raise the inner area of the bottoms up to be more flush with the front and back edge of the unit.  I filled the few little spots where the veneer had broken free, sanded the whole thing down and even gave it a wipe with a deglosser.  Since the top and inner front edge are actually Formica I decided to spray them out in a bright, glossy white, while the rest of the unit received a coat of gel stain in rosewood.  Once the outside was finished I gave the inside a coat of primer and then decided to bring the whole thing into the dining room since we could now actually use it.  I also thought that putting it into play would help us decide how we wanted to eventually configure the inside shelving.  

One thing I was not thrilled about was having to use exterior hinges for the doors.  I really wanted to use the European style hinges that hide on the inside, but since the drawers had once slide partially into the dresser front the new doors would have to do the same thing.  After trying 4 different styles of the hidden hinges I opted for some basic outer mounts in brushed nickel.  Not too bad in the end, plus they were cheaper and kept me under the $80.00 mark.

So, here is the piece resting now in its spot between the windows in our dining room.





This last shot shows the view of the semi-organized interior.  I did a little measuring the other day and I think we could add a single row wine rack across the bottom and still have room for everything else above.  The racks would probably be able to hold about 10 bottles of wine all the way across and it would be a much better use of all the vertical space.  I think I even have enough leftover demo wood to build the racks, which means I also won’t have to spend any more cash. 


Kitsch Krafts

PS- The Mister stopped his snickering once we brought the piece inside.  He was also the one who stocked the cabinet, filled the glass display tube with all of our corks and last weekend he went out to buy a wine decanter to sit on top.  Turns out he LOVES the bar and wants to use the same idea to create a cabinet to house the electronics in our media/playroom.  Yeah!  Another fun project for this spring!

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February 2. 2011 07:23

Jennifer H

I'm totally impressed with how often someone is blogging!!! Oh, and not to mention with the bar. Nice work!

Jennifer H

February 2. 2011 09:04


Looks great. I'm so impressed that I have an extremely talented niece.


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