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February 9, 2011 07:20 by ehouston

In an attempt to add a little celebration to our lives each month we have decided to get on board with the holidays- no matter how small.  Not that Valentine’s Day is an insignificant holiday, but to us it’s just not the same as Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Those are the majors.  Most other holidays fall into a different category around here.  One in which we have a simple, but special meal, a quick holiday greeting, maybe a card, and then we move on with our lives.  Usually there are no major decorations going up or weeks of shopping for the right gift.  No serious large meal planning and work to get ready for a stream of houseguests. 

However, we have decided as a family that we would like to make sure we do acknowledge the special days throughout the year so we don’t lose site of what is important to us.  Love, God, Fights for Freedom, Independence…you get the picture.  So, this year I finally got around to putting together a bit of holiday décor for the front door as a sweet reminder that this is the month of love.  After long admiring those wrapped yarn wreaths you see all over places like Etsy, I decided to give it a try myself. 

Retro Hostess Kitchen Wreath

(I have long admired this exampler from Knock Knocking.)

My goal was to create something cute, but only with materials I had around the house.  That was key!  I did try to find a foam heart form for the base because I thought it would be easier to work with, but the only ones I found were on the small side  Which ended up being a good thing because I really did not need a foam form after all.


I ended up using a cardboard box that was laying around the house as a base for the wreath.  I don’t knit or crochet, so I did have to break down and buy some yarn, at $2.79, a skein for this project since that is not a supply I keep on hand.


As I cut out the form I rounded the points a bit to help with the wrapping process.


To give the form some bulk, softness and a little shape I wrapped it with some leftover heirloom cotton batting.   Then I just went to town wrapping the yarn around and around the form until I had the coverage I wanted.  It took two times around the whole thing, but with all the curves and points I had to get a little creative in the wrapping process.  At one point I realized if I kept things smooth and did not backtrack from to far up the line I could wrap the yarn outward instead of just along the form.  In other words I could keep wrapping in one area until I had the coverage just right and then I could move along the form.  The trick was to just be sure that you wrapped the next area to the same depth as the one before it.  Otherwise you would end up with bumps and lumps.  Once I realized I did not have to do one overall layer at a time things went pretty quickly.


Of course I wanted to embellish the finished wreath with something a little Springy.  So, I cut flower and leaf shapes out of vintage and reproduction fabric scraps.  Then I coated them with fabric stiffener.  Before they completely dried I folded, curled and rumpled them up a bit to give them some character.


After they completely dried I stitched the pieces together to form larger flowers and used vintage buttons to finish off the centers.


I also really wanted some kind of ribbon or bow with tails to add a little charm.


I think this vintage scalloped trim did just the trick!


Later I broke out the glue gun and added the flowers.  I think it came out pretty cute for a quick, couple of afternoons project.  I figured it can grace our door through the end of the month, by which time I hope to have come up with something for March.  Clover maybe, or a horseshoe?  Hmmm….

Kitsch Krafts

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February 11. 2011 04:37


That turned out super cute! You're right - the ribbon trim was perfect!


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