Making And Crafts–Winter Wear

November 5, 2010 06:20 by ehouston

I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I would make some simple mittens for the Little Guy now that cooler weather is fast approaching.  After several failed attempts at finding inexpensive mitten and hat sets that actually fit a 14 month old I realized that I could put my stockpile of fleece to good use and make my own.  Then, the other day I was browsing the $1.00 bins at Target and noticed they had some cute little knit caps and matching mittens.  I was sold.  Budget friendly and no work involved.  Cha-Ching!  However, I did one minor alteration to the mittens after misplacing many a toddler shoe while out and about.


I figured some ribbon through his coat sleeves will help us both keep up with these itty bitty mittens.  There’s nothing more invigorating than a mad dash through a store searching out tiny footwear that is often found in odd spots, like wedged onto a shelf between boxes of cereal.  Of course this was a task completed by the wearer because his cart pusher spent too much time reading the labels rather than keeping his ride moving. 

He tried them out and so far so good.  Plus, I didn’t even think about the fact that they perfectly match his little pale blue peacoat that still fits him from last year.  He looks fabulous and ready for winter.  Now, if his mom could just get it this together too.  ;o)

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