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October 7, 2010 07:05 by ehouston

I am a sucker for a cute notepad (among many, many other things) and no matter how much technology I have working for me I always seem to need a little piece of paper to take a note or two.  Right now I am lugging around several notebooks for various activities.  One is your typical artsy idea notebook and it is actually a cloth covered, bound book.  The other is a small spiral bound, lined paper notebook used for keeping track of household projects and things we need.  I take this one every where with me just in case I come across a good deal.  It has room and window measurements for all the spaces I am still working to pretty up.  The last notepad I have is little, itty bitty and just memo sized.  It’s the one that I use for the occasional jotting of appointments before they go in the calendar (I can’t always be right by the computer when I answer the phone), or a service company number when I get a referral from a friend.  I use it to make notes of prices or sizes of items I want to run by The Mister before purchasing and it’s where I right down my To-do list daily.  Basically, it’s small, cheap and I rip the pages out aggressively as I finish each task listed within.  I love this little notebook and cannot live without it.  One thing I noticed recently is that my itty bitty paper confidant is not holding up well to the abuse of being thrown in the purse pocket of the Little Guy’s diaper bag.  With the usual man handling it gets during regular use, I realized that pretty soon this notepad is going to turn into dust long before I scribble something on its last page.  So, I decided to create a little jacket to tuck it into and to help me keep up with a writing utensil as well. 



I used some vintage fabrics I had in my stash and sandwiched some Pellon stiffening fabric, along with upcycled pieces of cardboard in between for stability.  I also included a little pocket under the front flap for business cards, or other small pieces of paper and an elastic band on the side to hold a pen.  Using some vintage rick rack I created some more interest with a little crisscross action on the front panel. 

After all was said and done I was quite happy with my little notepad jacket.  Then I remembered I needed to send a dear friend a little somethin’, somethin’ for her birthday.  So, I wrapped this baby up and sent it out.  Now, my friend is very into her electronic devices for keeping up with her day to day routine and this is probably really old school to her.  But, as I stated in the card, it’s always nice to have good old reliable pen and paper around, just in case.

What old school thing do you still keep around?

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October 8. 2010 04:19

Jennifer H

Actually, I just bought a bunch of cloth napkins. I want to stop using paper napkins completely and I am one of those dorks that uses a napkin at every meal - even if it's just a sandwich.

That cover is too cute!!! Love that you can switch a new memo pad into it when that one is gone too - very cute!

Jennifer H

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