Okay, Mom- Don’t Read This!

January 26, 2011 08:23 by ehouston

But since you are one of about three people that actually read this blog I am sure you will see this post.  I am still on the hunt for a special birthday and Valentine’s Day gift for the Mommasita and I have been rounding up cute ideas for a while now.  This one showed up over at , but I found it through  Of course, the sweet couple at YHL came up with the idea and presented it as one of the DIY projects they create for the Momformation blog at  It’s a framed silhouette of the grandchildren that they made using their home computer and printer. 

silhouette 1 Make your relatives cry

(Photo straight from

I wish my mom had some more grandkids (hint, hint Honey!) so that we could really do one of these up right.  However, I was thinking it might be neat to use old photos of the Little Guy and create silhouettes from different ages.  In fact, I think I would like one of those for us!

Okay, so this project has been added to the list of possibilities.  (I know, Mom, you are probably getting tired of all the grandchild related stuff we keep making and sending, right?) 

I also thought I would share what we did last year to commemorate our Little Guy hitting 6 months, and both Valentine’s Day and my Mom’s b’day (which comes shortly thereafter).


This is the version we kept, but we sent a similar one to my mom.  The idea was that the hands and feet also created heart shapes.  By the way, this was no easy task working with a curious 6 month old who has Incredible Hulk-like strength! 

Basically, I found moments when he was calm and serene…like right after a nap, or a snack, put him in his highchair, then I painted non-toxic red paint across his palm and pressed it into heavy watercolor paper as fast as possible.  We used up nearly the entire pad of paper to get two, useable sets of foot and handprints, but I think the results were worth it.  Just like the Petersik’s post at Momformation on, I used an inexpensive frame (this one from Target) that already had a matt and Ta-Da, art and a keepsake!

I love seeing this print every time I pass it in the hall, and once in a while the Little Guy puts his hands and feet up to compare…or maybe just reminisce about this project we did, what seems like, so long ago.

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