Oprah! You Are Freaking Me Out!

April 13, 2010 02:38 by ehouston

I have never been one to watch a lot of talk shows, or even have a loyalty to just one.  Let’s face it, over the years most of them sort of took on a tabloid feel and lot’s of fist fighting, cussing and cheating on spouses ensued.  With that being said, I will admit to being lured in to the occasional talk show via the ads during my prime time stories.  Oprah is one of those shows that has me hook, line and sinker every once in a while.  First, I will have to say that in some respects I like Oprah’s interview style since she often just puts the tough questions out there without batting an eye.  However, I have viewed a couple of shows recently where she allowed guests to give each other a rough go without warrant…at least in my humble opinion.  She also seems to “call it in” quite a bit, too.  Again, I am not a regular viewer, but it seems that several of the shows I have seen over the last few months were all from last fall.  I figured she would be pedal to the floor since this is supposedly the last push before her leave from TV in 2011.  Don’t most people, especially those on TV, want to go out on top and with a bang?  Anyway, here is my take on the shows that I caught while wrangling a crazy Little Dictator and attempting to accomplish daily chores.

The Shoe Episode!  Whoa, I never could imagine how crazy an audience could get over shoes.  I admit, like most women, I have a large number of shoes too, but these chicks were crying like they were seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in the ‘60’s.  Wow…that’s all I can say.  This episode hit me pretty hard since I have been going through that “gross new mom” stage where nothing fits right, everything in my wardrobe seems out of style and my hair is so limp and lifeless it simply begs to be tied up in a ponytail.  I have been very bored with my look and trying to stage my “comeback” for the spring and summer.  Ha!  Initially this show made me feel worse, but then I was excited to see that I do have each of the “Must Have” shoes in my closet.  So, I guess I’m good.

Sleek comfort sneaker


Check out the list here.  The sneakers were my personal favorite since I spend so much time running around the house (literally it seems) and out for errands.  Mine are red, and quite comfy I might add!

Now, on to a much more somber note…The Molester Show.  This one freaked me out in a whole new way.  Everyone always says “things just aren’t the way they used to be”, especially after having children and I for one am right there with them since the Little Guy has joined our family.  Just a little back story; when my family first moved south to the suburbs of Atlanta the Wayne Williams abductions and murders had just taken place.  Mr. Williams was stealing kids, doing terrible things to them and then killing them all over the Atlanta area.  This is also the time of the Adam Walsh abduction and murder, which we all know led his father, John Walsh, to head up the show America’s Most Wanted with great success.  My family had just moved from an itty bitty little town up on the coast of northern Michigan and now we found ourselves in the ‘burbs outside a major metropolitan area.  My brother and I also entered a new era in our lives known at the time as being a “Latch Key Kid”.  Basically, we got off the school bus, entered an empty home and had to occupy ourselves until our parents arrived home several hours later.  At the time this was a pretty normal thing and most of my friends had the same routine when they got home.  The one thing my friends did not have was a paranoid father (rightfully so!) who drilled us in the evenings and on the weekends in how to watch out for kidnappers and other strangers meaning to do us harm.  By seven, I knew basic defense moves, including screaming like a crazy person and running like the wind, along with locking myself in the furthest, deepest recess of our home while calling 911 if someone was trying to break in.  Again, we live in a very different time.  So, when I saw the ad for this Oprah show I had to watch.  Not because I am some kind of perve, but because I too, wanted to know where these sickos are coming from so that I will hopefully see the signs should my child (God forbid) come in contact with any of them.  One of the main things I would like to note about each of the people interviewed was that they knew their victims and used their friendship or relationship to the family for their evil-doing.  The hardest thing for me to understand was why a parent would be okay (for example) with their 5 year old daughter being alone in a room with a 65 year old man, that was just a family friend.  Aside from some things that I felt were obvious, I learned that, as with most things in life, you have to go with your gut and really pay attention to your kids.  It’s the lonely ones that get singled out of the crowd first.

The next trailer that lured me in was for The Sexless Marriage show.  After just a few short minutes of this episode I realized, I don’t need to be freaked out because we are good.  ;o)

Then Oprah had to replay a show all about food and eating healthy.  It involved the author of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser, who is also in a new film called Food, Inc.

polar ice shelf

I am not a big fanatic when it comes to organic food, but I do like to learn about how other people view our current agricultural and food creation systems in this country.  It always seems to be quite enlightening.  This show helped to reinforce the way I have always viewed food and eating; that is to eat made from scratch foods in moderation.  Eric Schlosser also said something I have always held to be soooo true.  That if you want something that is technically not that great for you, then make it yourself.  His example was french fries and the idea was that they take some time to prepare, so you are not likely to make them often, hence the eating in moderation part of his philosophy.  I definitely agree and I also felt better about how we eat here at the casa.  However, when they showed highlights of the chicken farms I got a little sick.  I am now on a search for a local or semi-local meat farm so that I can know where my food is coming from and the conditions in which it is farmed.  That probably means a new deep freezer is in my future…sorry Honey.  Just know you will eat well!

Okay, so this last Oprah show did not freak me out, but it did really crack me up.  It was actually a cross over show involving Ellen DeGeneres and her attempt to get on the cover of O magazine.  The outtakes from Ellen’s show were hilarious and made me want to add her to my occasional talk show viewing list.  Ellen ran a campaign to get on the cover of O and Oprah finally responded.  I guess the issue came out earlier this year.  If you get a chance check out the video highlights here.  It’s pretty darn funny.

So, any talk shows freaking you out these days?  Any of them making you rethink how you live your life…or, helping you realize how wonderful a life you already have?  ;o)

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April 14. 2010 02:59


I think I remember your cool red tennis shoes. I always thought you were so fresh and hip!

I have the exact same feelings about Oprah as you. I think she's ready to move on to the next step.

SO FUNNY about the whole food thing. Hubby and I were talking just this morning about trying to find local farmers where we can buy fresh, local and preferably organic meat and produce. It seems people younger and younger are getting cancer and sicker and sicker and we think that's a big contributer.


April 14. 2010 09:02


I don't know about hip, but I still have those red tennies and even wore them out today. I had found a farm just east of Hermitage that sells the real deal. I was trying to find someone to purchase with us, but never could think of anyone that might be interested. DUH! Should have contacted you guys. The link is below.

Happy Eating!


May 29. 2010 18:24

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Yeah, you are right, I agree with you.

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