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October 28, 2011 06:56 by ehouston

By now most of you know about Pinterest, the online “bulletin board” for pinning neat things you find while web surfing.  As usual, I have been slow to the game, but like most internet activities it’s a total time-suck.  If my laptop was up and running I would probably be able to do more Pinterest damage, so to speak.  Right now it is so infected that I can’t even open the browser without it slowing to a crawl so that a million pop-ups can load first.  I’m waiting for my tech guy (big HA!) to help me fix it all up.  With the popularity of pinning for DIY ideas many bloggers have started to submit challenges for themselves (and others) to make something they find.  The most well-known is probably over at Young House Love.  The challenge is to use the images as inspiration, or a direct plan for trying to knock-off something much more expensive, but way outside of the budget.  It’s a good idea, really.  At least it helps to get some of us away from the internet for a while.  ;o)  My few little pins so far have been more of the latter.  And, while I have not been interested in jumping on the Pinterest Challenge bandwagon yet, I did stumble upon something this past week to help change my mind.

Here is a recap of the circle of events to bring me to this place:

Months ago a friend of mine mentioned having seen an image of a wall with family photos arranged in a heart-shaped collage.  The first image to come to mine was that of an outline of a heart in photos pinned to the wall with thumbtacks, and it did sound like a really cute idea.  My friend said she liked it, but wanted something more permanent and would rather do one with small framed photos.  Later I realized the idea was to have a collage of photos making, not just outlining, a heart shape.  DUH!  Again, I thought it was a cool idea and then I promptly forgot about it. 

Fast forward a few more months and I’m sitting on my bed staring at the large blank wall that I have to look at every morning when I get up and every day as I pass through to the office.  I’m thinking to myself that I would really love to do a family photo collage of just the three of us, and wouldn’t this spot be nice to house it since it is such a large expanse of open space?  After these thoughts passed through my mind they were followed with a little laugh in realizing how FAR down the “To-do” list this wall and that photo collage would be.  Oh well, back to reality.

Over the course of the last few weeks I started noticing a large number of small wooden frames whenever I browsed at the local Sal. Army store.  I never have time to really look through them because stopping means the Little Guy, who is usually in tow, will begin rummaging crazily through anything within reach.  To avoid having to pay for broken hideous tchotchkes I usually take note and quickly move on through.  When I ran in to purchase the mini-hutch that is still drying down in the garage, after a second coat of stain, I took some time to look through the frames.  I was happy to see that many were wood and still had decent glass.  I was also happy to see that they were all $.99 and about half of what I wanted had mats too!  Score!  So the collecting started and I figure after a few more weeks I should have enough to put together a nice collage.

Then I was sifting through Pinterest and I found this image,

Pinned Image

Heart Shaped Photo Collage, I believe from the blog, Click It Up a Notch.

I had already pinned this image earlier,

Pinned Image

from Milly Bee.  And, the thought of centering our handprints and surrounding them with lot’s of fun family portraits had me over the moon!

So, I’m doing it!  I’m taking on a Pinterest Challenge.  Just me…lil’ ol’ me.  Hey, I’m gonna do it anyway, so why not make it a challenge?

I have the frame collection started, I just need to get the handprints completed ASAP, since The Mister is about to embark on a record breaking amount of work travel over the course of the next few weeks.  Yeah, we know, who makes people travel all over the country right during the holidays?  The company my husband works for, that’s WHO!

For my version I will be using mismatched frames painted out in white with black and white photographs.  At least I’m leaning toward black and whites right now.  I have a pretty good idea of what pictures I plan to use already since I have been wanting to do a family collage for a while, and once I figure out all the sizes I will need I can order up the prints.  I think the handprints will be white on dark gray paper with the Little Guy’s in red.  We will have to play around with that part. 

As per the norm around here at Kitsch Designs, I’m keeping this project on a retro sort of budget, collecting the frames from junk stores and sale racks over the course of the next few weeks.  The challenge ends the week after Thanksgiving, unless I somehow finish before that time and I will keep you posted on the progress over the next month.

Do you have anything pinned on your “To-do” boards that you would like to knock out over the next month with me?  Please share!

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