Planes, Trains and Automobiles

December 19, 2011 08:36 by ehouston

That is all we hear about from our 2 year old and how many of each is Santa going to bring him for Christmas?!  Operation Patience and Unselfish Acts has been in effect since we started gift shopping, but I have missed the mark somehow.  I believe he thinks that as long as I have that little rectangle of plastic to slide through the “calculator” gizmo we are in business.  I pray this is just a phase.  Anywhoo- we set out to get our train fix this past Saturday and it was well worth the quick little jaunt to Midlothian Village.


The River City 3 Railers have a train set up in one of the empty storefronts in the Midlothian Village Shopping Center.  There is a nice Christmas themed setting up front, around a tree and then toward the back of the space a much larger and more detailed layout depicting all different scenes.  I would have loved to have caught some shots of my Little Guy’s face when he saw the big set up, but unfortunately it was at table height and I had to hold him up to see.  I have yet to master the hold the camera out and take a pic of myself move, so I only captured him barely able to control himself at the scene down on his level.  He wanted to touch everything soooo bad, but he was good and respectful and we saw it all without incident.  An added bonus, their was a Santa roaming the shopping center and saying hi to everyone.  My Little Man walked right up, took his hands and promptly forgot all the things he wanted to add to his Christmas list.  He actually asked to go see Santa again last week because he remembered some more things that he wanted.  Again, with the “I need” and “I want”.  ugh…

It was a fun quick stop and I would highly recommend it to any other local parents with train aficionados in your ranks.  Bonus: It’s Free!  WOOT!

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