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March 15, 2010 01:57 by ehouston

I don’t know about you guys, but I not only have a ton of textiles I also have a ton of scraps.  You may think, well why don’t you just toss them away?  For some reason when it comes to vintage fabrics (especially) I just cannot get rid of even the little bitty bits.  I have been known to save scraps so small they cannot hardly be considered for sewing.  However, a while back I gathered some of those little pieces together and created these…


…little bookmarks.  There is something about vintage barkcloth.  I just love the texture and the fun patterns.



Don’t you think the selvedge makes for a neat border?  (Maybe that’s just the textile junky in me)  As you can see I also had some fun with my sewing machine’s different stitches.


This last version is my favorite because I am total fan of the really mod, atomic type patterns of barkcloth from the 1950’s. 

This craft project was almost a total “Green” project.  I say ‘almost’ because the backing fabric used was newer cotton canvas, however it was just the scraps left over from another project.  I used cardstock I had gathered from the recycling bin at work to create an inner piece to add some stiffness and stability.  The ribbons and rickrack were all vintage bits purchased from estate sales and thrift shops.  Basically all the pieces were to be discarded, but I was able to bring them together into something useful…and pretty cute, I might add!

So, do you have any projects created from what you swept up off your craft room floor after another project?  Do you have TONS of bits and bobs laying around and waiting for a way to be used?  Are you really just a Hoarder?   Come on, you can tell us…  Do we need to call TLC for an intervention?  ;o)

Kitsch Krafts

PS- I have sold all but one of these bookmarks.  Here is the lone survivor in case you are interested.  I hope to create some new ones soon!

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