Shop Update!- More Bags

September 29, 2008 03:16 by ehouston

I just added a couple of bags to my shop this morning.  Probably not the best day for a new listing, but when you haven't really sold anything I guess it just does not matter!  You have to keep plugging away and adding new things all the time it seems.  One is a bag that I have floating around in my FLICKR pool, but had not posted yet and the other is one pictured in pieces in an earlier post.  I have had such trauma with my almost 20 year old sewing machine that I have not been able to finish much of anything that required machine stitching.  After crying in frustration over the horrible stitching and general destruction of my projects that my old machine was causing I threw in the towel and bought a new one.  It was about time, though!  The old machine was a moving out of the house gift to myself years ago, and it was really not meant to go as long as I had pushed it.  The visitation ended yesterday at lunch and the burial was by sunset in the backyard.  It was a lovely celebration of the life that was.....


So, now I get to start work with my new Viking machine.  It's the basic model, no electronics.  I heard to many bad stories about the problems with the computerized versions, so I opted for the simpleton variety.  I have a year to trade up, so who knows, I may change my mind later.  For now, I am going to settle for some basic stitches for my basic stitching needs and try to get through my piles of half-finished projects and mending.

Check out my shop for a couple of new listings and for a couple of sale items!

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