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January 27, 2011 12:46 by ehouston

If you have young children you know exactly what I am talking about.  There is nothing I dislike more than having to call the pediatrician’s office to schedule a sick visit.  Here are just a few of the reasons I abhor this process:

1).  The schedulers usually act like you are totally bothering them when you finally get through.  (even though they have specific times when they allow sick visits built in to every day.)

2).  The front desk personnel act like you are bothering them because your file is not in one of the predetermined cubbies with the doctor’s name listed on the front edge.  Instead they have to look in the files sitting right on top of the cubbies…all 3 or 4 of those files.

3).  There is no sick waiting area at my son’s pediatrician’s office.  Thankfully it is a large enough waiting area that you can sequester yourself and the sickie to one corner or another, a bit out of the way.

4).  This is the biggest reason I hate calling in for a sick visit…my Little Guy isn’t feeling well.  There is nothing worse than looking into the sad eyes of a red-faced (due to fever) toddler and knowing there is really nothing you can do to make him feel better.  Plus, you cannot even really communicate back and forth to know what might at least ease the pain.

So, that is where we ended up after naptime yesterday.  I pulled the Little Guy out of his crib only to feel an intense heat coming off his body, especially his noggin.  I thought he had just been bundled up too much and was hot from the covers, but after 15 minutes had passed and you could almost melt marshmallows on the waves of heat coming off him, I knew it was time to call the doc.  We made it there through falling sleet and left to full on slushy snow.  Luckily, (I guess?) in between we discovered that the Little Guy has an ear infection, but not the flu.  Thank God!  A round of antibiotics and we will be back in business soon.

While we waited for our turn to see the doc a strange thing happened.  There were only two other sets of parents and kids in the waiting area when we arrived, one set was called to their turn as we walked in, so we made a beeline for the opposite direction from the other set.  See #3 above.  As I am hurrying to remove our coats and get the Little Guy back in my arms (the only place he wants to be when he is miserable like this) a little girl comes over and plops down one seat away from where we are standing.  This is the conversation that ensued:

Me: “Oh honey, he (pointing to red-faced toddler) is really sick, so you probably don’t want to sit so close”.

Her: She looks up at me with a dead-on impression of Damien from the movie, The Omen and says, “I was here first”.

Me: Slight double-take.  “Actually, you were over there (pointing to opposite side of the room) when we arrived and that is why we came over here to sit down”.

Her: Same evil, AND I mean EVIL (I actually got a bit of a shiver down my spine from her eyes) look.  “No, I was here first.  You can go sit over there, (pointing around the room) or there if you want”.

Me: After several concerned looks to her mother, who looked right back at me and clearly saw me giving her the distressed “come get your kid” look, I realized this kid was off and so is her mom.  Since all our stuff was undone I was not prepared to gather it all back up and move.  “If you want to take a chance on getting sick, that is your choice.  I was just trying to be nice and let you know”.  This is where I started to feel yucky and like a goofball for having what was quickly becoming a fight with a 6 year old.

Her: Again with the evil eyes peering from under her deep brows.  “You should just move”.

Me: More than a little freaked out now.  “No, you have made your decision and so have we”.  Okay, now I felt like a total loser, but there was just something about this hideous little kid…oh, and her mother, who was still talking on her cell phone while sitting a few feet from the “No Cell Phones!” sign.  It took everything in my being not to tell this kid off.  Yes, that’s right, she upset me that much.  It was all about the way she was looking at me, her demeanor and the tone in her voice.  I could NEVER imagine having talked to an adult that way when I was a kid, and if I had I would have definitely gotten the beat down from my parents- and rightfully so, I might add!

Finally, after we get settled and ignored her, the little girl walks away.  During this whole time I am just sure her mother is going to finally recognize something odd is taking place and shut it down.  But, no.  Within a few moments the little girl comes back over and sits a seat away from us and starts tapping the empty seat between and saying in a soft whisper, “come sit here”, while staring at my son.  Again, the hairs stand up on my neck and all I can imagine is that scene from another movie, The Shining, where the little girls come up to the young boy in the hallway and say, “come play with us Danny, forever and ever”, but I continued to ignore her. 

It wasn’t until she stood up, walked over in front of us and started hanging on the doorknob of the closet that my chair was literally against, meaning she was all of a foot away from us, did I stand up, grab our stuff and move to the other side of the waiting area.  STILL, no reaction from her mother.  It was right about that time that I overheard a part of the conversation that was so important that it required breaking the office rules and neglecting her child.  The mom was saying something about a guy wanting to date her, but she wasn’t really in to him, so she was maybe going to go have a beer with him or something”.  It was at that moment I realized that child, who had just given me the willies probably never gets any attention at all.  Unfortunately, she seems bent on evil-doing, but a small piece of my heart went out to her when the picture began to get a little less fuzzy.  I just hope she can get through the neglect and move beyond the meanness to become a compassionate person later in life.  Otherwise, I think she is going to have a lot of heartache in her future. 

Nevertheless, I felt horrible about the whole situation that had just gone down and hope I never look at a child and have to feel that way again.  All I wanted was to be left alone so I could tend to my Little Sick Guy.  Oh well, you live, you learn and you realize you should be thankful for the love that you got so that now you don’t automatically, and unknowingly, unnerve and (piss off) all those with whom you come into contact.


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January 28. 2011 05:24

Jennifer H

I completely enjoyed reading this post!!! Does that make me a horrible person? Guess that's why we're friends Smile

Jennifer H

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