Silly Boys, Trucks Are for Girls

May 18, 2009 04:08 by ehouston

I once knew a boy, not a boy friend, but a boy I knew in high school that admitted openly that he flipped for a girl in a truck.  He said it was just such and odd thing to see a girl driving a truck of their own and there was just something about it that made him crazy!  It was one of those weird conversations you have, don't think twice about again, and then one day it just slips back into your mind at some offhand moment.  Today, I attempted to take our old Chevy truck in to have the emissions inspected.  We have had issues with the "Check Engine Soon" light coming on right before we get to the testing center and for those of you that don't know, they won't check your car or truck if that light is on.  It's like an automatic failure.  The Mister and I cranked the old girl up this weekend and decided to dust her off and try again.  She ran fine for two days and this morning as I pulled into the testing center, wouldn't ya' know it, that damn light came on again!  A friend at work had told me about some engine treatments you can use that will help get you through these kind of situations, so I decided to drive my tagless truck up to the auto stuff store and buy a bottle.  [Please note: we have had our truck serviced and it is not emitting anything dangerous.  The light is just goofy, so we have felt rather cheated by this law.  Especially when we see an old hoopty blowing black smoke as it careens through an intersection.  Nevertheless, we abide by the driving laws!]

So, there I am head down under the hood of our little white truck, pouring a bottle of thick sticky liquid into the engine, when I realize there are cars slowing to look over my way.  The store sits on the corner of an intersection with a light, so I was in a fairly busy spot.  I just happened to notice a couple of heads turn my way as cars passed through the light and then several of the men in the auto stuff store lot stopped what they were doing to look my way, as well.  I realized the best part of this scene was that I was wearing a bubblegum pink hoodie that fits close enough to show my pregnant belly.  I bet most of them were thinking...what in the world is this lady doing...not, whoa, check out that babe with the truck!  I started cracking up as I remembered what that boy in high school had told me and I have decided that from now on every time I drive our truck I am going to wear pink!


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