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July 1, 2011 01:21 by ehouston

As you know from recent posts I have fallen back in love with the local library.  It’s not that we really had a falling out or anything, I just got busy with life and kind of forgot about him.  We are hanging out regularly again and he reintroduced me to the thrift store.  Yeah, I was still visiting with thrift store from time to time, but our usual weekly meetings were few and far between.  Again, life, and the tiny budget, took over.

You may be saying, well if you have a tiny budget than the thrift store is where you should be!  Let’s just say that I can make a wreck of my bank account even at a thrift store.  It’s great to have an eye for the potential in so many of the discarded things in a junk shop, but the inability to bring just some pieces home with me and leave the rest for others has been a problem for years.  I have written before about how I frequently have to wean myself off the “junk” because it’s taking over my time, closet and garage space life.  Well, since getting back on the library kick and introducing the Little Guy to this world of books, I noticed he is becoming very attached to some of what we borrow.  I have been allowing a couple of movies that we typically watch just in the car while running errands and as many books as he wants.  Our haul from two weeks ago was so good that I decided we would take the movies back, but keep the books for a second week.  That way he could continue to enjoy all the fun stories he picked out.  I am afraid of the meltdown that is coming this Saturday when we go back and drop off the current stack.  I plan to let him take his books up to the counter so that the process sets in and hopefully he makes it through without any trauma.

But, opening up my heart again to the library and now seeing the same thing happen with my son brought me to the decision to allow more frequent visits to the thrift store so he can get more reads.  I learned that the local Salvation Army has a 50% off discount on all items each Wednesday, well…except the furniture, unless it’s been there for 30 days.  Which is probably for the best because we would most likely be on our third armoire/dining set/side chair/couch…oh you get it.  I have an illness.

So, Wednesday we made the trip over to the Sal Army and picked up quite the load in just under 15 minutes.  I will admit to ulterior motives initially.  A week ago I spotted the cutest little blue upholstered chair that I thought would be perfect for our upstairs landing.  Being the frugal lady that I am, I passed it up because it was just a week shy of 30 days in the store.  I was convinced that no one else would think it was cute and I could get my score on Wednesday for a whopping $14.99.  Yeah, that’s right, I was too cheap to shell out for a $29.00 chair!  The thing is, I don’t need it at all.  It would just look nice, make the whole upstairs flow better and give us a good spot to read or chat on the phone…but, I didn’t truly need it.  So, I could really only justify pulling from my nearly non-existent budget if it was super cheap.  Wah-wah….it was gone when we got there.

BUT, the Little Guy did score 9 new books for his own growing personal library. 


I got a wall basket to use in our master bathroom,


and I also picked up a chrome set for the guest bathroom consisting of a towel ring, towel bar, toilet paper holder and door hook. 


The best part about this haul was that it totaled $6.49 for everything.  I have a ton of plants needing a home right now, so I figured I will put that basket to use.  And, the plastic towel bar that was in the guest bath has been making me crazy since we moved in, so this set will be a nice addition.  Books for a quarter!  Yeah, I can spare the change for the Little Guy to have an enormous library of books if he wants.

What have you guys been finding this summer during your thrift shop trips?

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