So Glad I Watered The Lawn Today…

June 28, 2010 14:28 by ehouston

…now that we have a big booming thunderstorm going on outside.  With the Dining Room DIY Project still consuming all of my time I have completely neglected all of the outside world except the vegetable bed and the potted plants on the back deck.  We transplanted several shrubs and a tree to better spots and I fully intended to soak them down religiously until they seemed good and rooted.  Well, I’m not sure if it’s the late hour grogginess or guilt, but I will confess here and now that I have been a total slacker on the watering job.  It’s harder to ignore the large pots on the deck and, of course, the food bed. 


(Good Old Miss Roxy, watching over the veggies.)


(Well, sort of.)

When those plants start to shrivel up you notice it right away and then you start to think about how much it cost to put it all together.  You know how tight I am with cash, so usually that thought gets me out to the hose fast.  Yesterday we had a record high of 102 degrees in the Richmond, VA area.  It was literally hard to breath when you walked outside.  In the evening, around 6:30 pm, when the sun is on the other side of the house and the deck is usually prime for relaxing, you could still feel the heat coming up from the boards.  It felt like if you stood there to long the bottom of your flip flops would melt and stick in place.  The Little Guy and I lasted about 6 minutes on the chaise before we succumbed to the thick humidity and had soaked through our clothes.  We decided that just looking at the lovely potted flowers through the windows was more our speed on this day.

After surveying our property a couple of hours later, The Mister and I realized that our yard was one hot day away from spontaneous combustion and we needed to get the hoses and sprinklers out stat.  So, that was my task this morning.  Rather than running from the nursery after laying the Little Guy down for his morning nap, donning junky paint clothes and rushing down to the dining room to finish up the window trim paint, I went outside to begin putting together the waterworks.  It’s days like today that make me wish we had irrigation.  After carefully positioning a sprinkler out front, with a splitter and hose to a tree we recently transplanted, I was ready to check one of my main tasks off my list.  That was until I started the flow and discovered a gaping hole in the main hose.  Water gushed every where but the areas we needed it and I had to pull up the old hose and wind a new one down the side yard in it’s place.  A simple task, you may say.  Well, it took about 45 minutes.  I may have mentioned this a couple of times already, a-hem, but I only have the Little Guys nap time to do these sort of projects and this one small part ate up nearly all of that time.  Anywho, after rigging up several sprinklers around the yard, MacGyver-style, I was in business.  I spent the rest of the morning watering and repositioning until the whole yard and all endangered plants were soaked through and around mid-afternoon I was feeling pretty good about what I had accomplished, even though I never even set foot in the dreaded dining room at all.

It wasn’t until a trip to Lowe’s and subsequently to Home Depot to purchase the rest of the Dining Room DIY Project window treatments that I noticed some dark clouds in the sky.  By the time we wrapped up our shopping the Little Guy and I were racing to load up the car before the hurricane hit.  (At least that’s what the high winds made it feel like.)  The best part was that we did not encounter rain until we were almost home (insert demoralizing snicker here) and pulled in to the garage just as the serious part of the downpour hit.  It has been raining quite steadily since and I have a feeling it will continue through the night.  So glad I watered the lawn today.

Kitsch Krafts

(PS-While out and about in the yard I discovered a shrub in the side yard that we were coaxing along was hacked down to a nub.  I guess it wasn’t part of the neighbor’s aesthetic.  Unfortunately it also was not part of their property.  Wah-Wah…the Side Yard Saga continues!)

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June 29. 2010 03:24


You need to march over to your neighbor's door and TELL THEM you didn't appreciate them cutting down the shrub! I can't believe the nerve of those people! Apparently they're not taking the "subtle hints". Time to be direct, sistah! Or, make the Mister do it Smile


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