Spring Décor - 2012

April 11, 2012 02:06 by ehouston

Since I’m not big on lugging boxes of décor around for each and every holiday, simply because storage space does not permit it and I just don’t have it in me to go all out for every thing, I thought I would share the couple of things we did add to brighten the house over the holiday weekend.  Of course I wanted to have a door greeting for our Easter Egg Hunt guests and anyone else that happened by over the next few weeks.  So, I dug up this little thrift store find from last year.


It was a cone shaped basket lined with a galvanized container that only cost $1.99.  I used a piece of brown grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots that was left over from a sewing project I shared over here to make a hanger.  I just slipped it through those holes along the top of the backside and tied the ends into a large bow.  A $10.00 bouquet of spring flowers later and wholla!


Happy spring door décor!

Don’t you just love purple and yellow together in the spring time?  Ahhh, fresh!

Okay, so I have to chuckle a little now because we really did not do a lot of decorating around here at all.  Aside from the flowers on the door and the fun treats that I mentioned last week for the egg hunt, the only other thing I managed to do was add some cute cut-outs to the dining room table.  I was not sure if our group would end up congregating in the dining area or just in the kitchen at our smaller table, so I wanted to put something slightly festive in there as well.  I found these really sweet free downloads over at The Handmade Home.  She puts these out monthly and they are meant for framing, or I guess whatever you want to do with them for your own decorating needs.  We, yes the Little Guy helped pull them off the printer, printed out the lambs and bunnies along with the latest creation, these chickadees, pictured below. 

Photo via The Handmade Home

I carefully cut around each lamb and bunny, then from the area I cut away, I removed a long slightly curved piece keeping only the colored section and discarding the white edge of the paper.  I made two slits in the bottom of each animal and two slits along the middle of the strip of paper and slid the two together at those cut lines.  (I hope this makes sense!) 

Ta-Da!  Cute spring animal cut-outs, stand-ups, whatever you want to call them.


I just placed them around our usual candlestick display along the center of the table.  I had meant to send each child home with one, but we never really ended up using this space that morning.  Oh well, I guess I will have some cute little animals for next spring too!


We had intended to drape a piece of crepe paper along the opening between our family room and the kitchen for fun.  Then we were going to add sized down cut-outs of the chickadees along the strip, but our first guests arrived before we could even get the tape out.  Wuh-wah!  Oh well, like I said things were simple and to the point around here for the holiday.  ;o)  Hope you guys did something fun to get in the mood for spring and Easter!

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