Summer Sewing Reads–Part 2

June 23, 2011 07:23 by ehouston

I managed to get through all four of the books I mentioned here last week in under 5 days. However, I did not return any of them on my weekly trade out trip back to the library. There are just too many cool projects to try, so I am keeping them as long as I can. Even though I have not started any of those projects yet I wanted to go ahead and let you know about one of the last couple of books I brought home. Lotta Jansdotter’s, Simple Sewing is pretty cool.

Lotta Jansdotter\'s Simple Sewing

Image from Chronicle Books

Lotta’s book is filled with fun projects and super cool fabrics. (I keep searching, but I have yet to find anything close to these cool patterns for a price that I can afford. Especially for home crafting. wuh-wah!) For me, the home projects were the most inspiring. But, while I will most likely create my own take on her patterns, the information she provided about proper fabrics for different uses was invaluable. I guess I never thought about how flammable typical cotton is, which is what I had picked out of my stash for some oven mitts. Rut-Row! I just figured that the handling would be minimal and it could take it. I am guessing that my hard work would have gone down in flames, or at least some nasty singes. So, I am on the hunt for wools and linens to make these the right way. Oh yeah, another thing I have to search for! I am considering customizing her pattern for the Simple Drawstring Backpack to accommodate the few things I need when taking my toddler somewhere I would rather not lug the whole baby bag or stroller. Lotta’s version is cute, but I think some extra interior pockets or dividers to keep things organized would be helpful. Especially when you are trying to get to something, like a snack, fast before you have a toddler thrashing around on the ground in front of you. This is definitely another book that has inspired me to take care of some of the lingering issues projects around here. One last comment on Lotta’s book involves the styling of the photos. I found a few of them kind of odd or funny. Maybe it’s just something lost in translation, eh?


Here is the cute backpack I would like to modify. The picture of someone peering into a closed window raised some eyebrows around here.????


I love the elephant print of the bag on the left, but I cannot think of a single guy I know who would be caught dead holding that thing. Maybe, only maybe, if it was being used for baby supplies could I see that happening.


I have to think that showing a plate full of peas on a placemat outfitted with chopstick slots is supposed to be tongue in cheek. Right? This isn’t some kind of crazy Seinfeld episode, is it?

I will have to report on the last book I completed in a post next week. With all these projects to finish I am a little behind on, well, lots of things these days.


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