Targets, Targets Every Where!

November 5, 2009 08:08 by ehouston

I recently discovered another Target located within five miles of my home.  That makes three total, with several others in the 15-20 mile radius.  I am all about the bargain and prefer to shop flea markets, junk stores and consignment.  But there are times when you just need top shop new.  As you may have learned from earlier posts I am not a fan of Walmart.  This started way back in high school when a Walmart opened up in the area.  At first they made a huge deal about being an "American" company with "American Made" products.  I shopped their religiously, in an attempt to support our country and the folks that make it up.  Then one day I started to notice that although the racks and bins had "Made in America" and American flag signs most of the items for sale said "Made in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong", etc, etc.  I was SO disappointed and vowed to never shop there again. 

I decided to go back to my roots.  Yep, back to Target. 

Now, I am the first to admit and understand that Target employs many of the same evil buying tactics as Walmart and they are a Big Box chain that sells cheap stuff made in other countries.  The difference is they don't blatantly lead shoppers to believe they are supporting only Americans by selling only American made products.  They are at least a tiny bit more honest.  So, this is how I justify shopping there for the bargains.  Now, occasionally I will find that Walmart is the only place where I can get a specific item, ie: the edgeless postcard sized frames to complete a wall display, or a fab modern baby crib under a grand.  And, I will have to break down and shop the beast.  But, I will always find my way back to my first love, Target.  Shoot!  I have been shopping there since it was Zayre's.  Anyone else remember that?

Here are some of the other reasons I shop at Tar-jay:

New Fabulous decor!

Product Image Stacking Chair 2 pk - Espresso

Stacking Chair- Espresso

Product Image Madison Dining Table - Dark Wenge

Madison Dining Table

Product Image Barrel Table - Brown

Barrel Table

Product Image Lear Chair

Lear Chair

Okay, I will stop posting furniture pix now.  I can get a bit obsessive I suppose.

Kitsch Krafts

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November 13. 2009 15:27

Melody Brown-Albers

When Wally first started he was American Made, but when he went the Family took over real quick and we have what it is today. I love Target for housewares, furniture, linens, jewelry, etc, but the buyers for plus sizes need some help.

Melody Brown-Albers

November 19. 2009 09:27

Kitsch Krafts

Aaah, Melody! You are so correct about Wally World. Also, I was sorely disappointed by the maternity buyers this past spring and summer at Target too! Sometimes the apparel buyers do a great job and sometimes I just can't wait for the next season to arrive.

So is the way of the frugalista, right?

Kitsch Krafts

December 12. 2009 20:29

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