Teacher Christmas Gifts–DONE!

December 14, 2011 08:41 by ehouston

Whew!  I feel like this has been a week of burning the candle at both ends.  Why is it that you get a simple idea in your head and either it turns into something more than a simple idea, or the actual execution of the idea ends up being way harder than you thought possible?  Well, that is where I am with teacher gifts, but they are finally done.  Bought, jazzed up and wrapped!  yeah!


The first one was for the chocolate loving shopper.  Since there was not much to do with this “theme-wise” I decided to just go decadent with the wrap.  I had this posh black tissue paper with dots and a large red and gold ribbon to finish off the box.  So, luxe!  I jumbled the card, but it says “Mrs. ______, We hope you find yourself something as special as you are to us!  Merry Christmas!  Your Class: _____, _____, ______”, so on and so on.  Oh yeah, these are the class gifts that I am putting together.


The associate teacher LOVES Starbucks, so I took the theme and went with it.  I found a cute reusable mug cozy on Etsy from Spirit of Giving and along with a gift card this one was wrapped up.  For fun I folded a note around the gift card, tucked it into the top of the empty mug and cut the ends to resemble a frothy drink.  The note is jumbled but reads, “Mrs. _____, These mugs are on us!  Merry Christmas!  Your Class: ____, _____, ____, etc..”



Here is a closer shot of the top.  I just made a slit using a craft knife.


I decided to give her package a posh look too with a gold bag, the same black dotted tissue and red and gold ribbon.  Ooh la, la!


And of course, they will each get one of these!  I’m sure they will be thrilled.  Ha!

Kitsch Krafts

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December 15. 2011 04:09


I loooooooooooove the little reindeer candy canes! I must try that with my kiddos!!!


December 19. 2011 08:39


Oh Jennifer- you should! They would love it. Thanks by the way! It's messy, but they will have fun.


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