Thank You To The Real Readers!

August 2, 2010 05:43 by ehouston

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that actually read my silly little blog and send an even bigger THANK YOU out to those that leave comments.  Since many of you have blogs of your own you know how fun it is to read what those that peruse your pages are thinking.  It's even more satisfying when they take a moment to share an insight or their experiences with you directly.  Unfortunately I recently had to change my set up so that the comments are hidden until approved.  One to many comments from male enhancement companies and cash for gold folks sent me over the edge.  Now, I just go crazy deleting them from my view rather than trying to catch them all before my real readers have to be bothered with the in-your-face and sometimes offensive gibberish.  It's one thing to leave a fake comment, it's another thing to leave negative feedback and to do so in badly broken English.  It just looks sad and pathetic. 

So, again I wanted to thank those of you that make a point to be a part of my online life and blogging family.  It's nice to know you are out there and I really do love hearing from each of you!

Kitsch Krafts

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August 5. 2010 03:19


Here you are!?! I've been watching your other site from the Spring. THere were no new posts..I just thought you had taken a break. Dumb me I didn't look at the other past post to see your new address 8{ Sorry to here of you bad experiences in the past months..a lot of bloggers have gone to 'visible after approval' mode. I thought it was a good way to keep up with answering back so many, but it is a great way to filter the nuts and pests. I see you have an ETSY need to join me over at Esty Cottage Style blogspot where I host Market's become a virtual flea market of over 50 vendors every first Monday of the month. It's open to all sellin sites
and runs the whole week..stop over today it's going on's not to late to link in!
Also, if you're still looking for that tray I'll keep an eye out mine was $10 with a little rust spots, but I don't long as it's not all bent up and chipping the picture. E-mail me at I can give you my phone#
or you can give me yours...some worry a strange person want my ph#, but there is a couple of other ladies I look for an item here in the Cincinnati area they can't find in their towns and I call em. No I don't charge..I just know the frustration.
Well thanks for stopping by today...I gotta get back to work..let me know how that little one is doing too Smile
Your Ohio Friend.


August 11. 2010 21:51

traslochi a milano

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traslochi a milano

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