Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

January 14, 2012 03:11 by ehouston

It finally happened. I put the “thank you” notes in the mail this week. Pretty pathetic second week of the new year event for a woman who buys her thank you cards at the end of the previous Christmas season, or at least before Thanksgiving, wouldn’t you say? Typically the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is spent cleaning up the Christmas decorations, because we are a family that believes in bad luck for the new year if they are still up after the first, and writing thank you notes. This year was no exception. Decorations were down well before heralding the new year. We even had these neat cards made through the preschool fundraiser, featuring my son’s artwork and they arrived the second week of November (if I remember correctly).



Cute, right?

So, what was my problem this year? I’m not really sure. Sometimes I think that the over planning or trying to get ahead of the game just kills the fun of the pannicky feeling you get with a ticking deadline.

For those of you out there that gave us something lovely, you done good, you done good! There were no rejects of any kind this time around. ;o) No matching sweaters, while perfectly nice, eliciting a snicker at the idea of wearing them together. Better yet, the plans for the Sear’s Portrait Studio appointment flashing in my mind and bringing a huge grin to my face. No, jumpers to put on my kid for a picture only and then to be hidden away in the back of the closet until he can no longer wear that size. (oh, I have never done that, have I?) And, we avoided gift cards to places we never shop- yeah! All in all it was a wonderful gifty time of year and we are grateful for all the generosity that was bestowed upon us.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Kitsch Krafts

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