The New Year is Still A Baby, But I Feel Like an Old Lady....Slow and Way Behind!

January 6, 2009 07:14 by ehouston


As this new year began I had such high aspirations to be on top of this blog with new and exciting (well, at least to me) topics.  It seems that so far I have spent all of my time trying to think up how I want to approach posting here going forward, as well as, how to handle all of my other responsibilities.  If only I did not have a regular 9 to 5.  It just really gets in the way of my fun time.  ;0)

So, I decided to stop over analyzing everything and just get moving (I keep saying that about the diet and exercise program I plan to begin.  Let's hope this action rubs off on other areas of my life too!).  I plan to start some regular features, but I am not ready to designate specific days of the week to each.  Just like in grade school, I don't want to be caught on Friday wearing my Monday undies.

I am cooking up lot's of new things, so please check back soon!



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January 7. 2009 06:10


Hehe. "Monday undies" made me laugh Smile


January 7. 2009 07:10

Niesz Vintage Home

Can't wait to see what you have in store for your blog features.
I kind of have a "no stress blogging" mentality. I know my schedule doesn't allow for much more than one post each week. (sometimes less). I just post when I have something to share. Smile


Niesz Vintage Home

November 1. 2009 08:23

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