The Tray Search Continues

October 21, 2011 06:51 by ehouston

I managed to make the thrift store rounds earlier this week, at least the ones close by.  There are so many consignment and thrift stores in Richmond that it would take several days to get to all of them and actually see what they have to offer.  Since I am trying to find some table trays for very little, or even an idea to DIY, I don’t think wasting gas to drive all over Timbuktu makes any sense either.  I also had the chance to check out a couple of smaller consignment shops right near my neighborhood that I have seen, but just never had the time to browse.  I drug the Little Guy with me on a yucky rainy day and despite the crummy weather he behaved very well at each stop.  We were pretty disappointed in a couple of the stores because they just looked like someone had dumped all their garage sale leftovers out on a table and then walked away.  But, in a way I am glad to know now that they are not worth the stop because that means I can knock them off my list next time I am on the hunt for something in particular.  Since my shopping trips this week yielded nothing I have turned my attention to surfing the net.  So far this is what I am admiring…

Burlap Bed Tray!

Woven Burlap Tray by Cherished Bliss

I have some furniture webbing that might look really cool used in this way.  Hmmmm….

Cork Tray by Secret Garden Cottage

The Mister might kill me if I take any of his cork collection for this project.  He is obsessed with filling up our decorative glass cylinder with corks…to the point of regularly drinking a lot of wine!  ;o)

Design Sponge, Etched Map Serving Tray

I had thought about using old windows, but I wasn’t sure about the breakage factor.  You know, with a two-year-old running around that might not be the best idea.  Oh well, it sure is cool!

Pinned Image

Vintage Ruler Tray

I looked all over to try to find where this image came from, but I did not have any luck.  I found it on Pinterest and while I am not into the rooster and country vibe going on here, I definitely like the idea of using the old rulers for the base.  Pretty cute idea!

These are just some of the things I have come across through my Pinterest searches.  I hope to make a decision by the end of the weekend and be on my way to making something.  That is if Halloween costume creation does not take over my life!

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October 21. 2011 11:56


Just popped in to sya hi...Hi!....See you're lookin for trys as tabletops...yes read the last post too. Love the redo. Have you tried lookin at picture frames or mirrors..the wide ones that you could attatch decorative handles from the Home Depot or Lowe's. if you use a wide frame with glass you could find inexpensive mod fabric to place inside to add a punch of color..just a thought.


October 21. 2011 12:59


Oh Melody! I love that idea and yes, it was one of my first thoughts and what I set out in search of this week...that and any already made trays if they had them! I just never found any cool, wide framed old pics or mirrors. I think it would be so cool to add fabric or even neat paper to the back. Plus, you could change it for the seasons, etc.

Thanks for stopping by and for the great idea!


October 26. 2011 14:00

be yourself quotes

I'm loving the pictures! Did you take them? If yes, then you're awesome! If no, where did you get them? Smile

You've got a nice website. More power to you!

Jennifer A.

be yourself quotes

October 27. 2011 11:40


Thanks Jennifer- they are all from Pinterest. I wish I could take those types of pictures!


November 28. 2011 08:23


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