This Playdate Didn’t Include Paint

June 30, 2010 07:09 by ehouston

Since starting the latest DIY project I have learned to use my time as wisely as possible.  I have roughly 3 hours a day to quickly change into junky clothes, get my work gear together and then try to make something happen before I hear the baby alarm go off upstairs.  The 3 hours is usually broken up into about 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon.  My changing, working and then cleaning up stunt takes place twice a day and is quite exhausting.  One day last week the Little Guy and I had a different type of playdate.  I gave up my time with the paint brushes and he left the crib behind so that we could meet up with his Little Buddy and another new mom friend.  The four of us headed out to a local attraction called The Maymont.  It is a lovely old home (at least that’s what I gather from the photos on their site) and grounds with gardens and a small zoo.  On this day we did not tour the mansion, instead we walked through the Children’s Farm and down to the Japanese Garden.  This part of the park required a rambling walk down a fairly steep hillside and then once you were good and tired, a walk back up.  Ugh! 


Me and the Little Guy enjoying some shade in the Japanese Garden

It was quite hot on this day, but thankfully the humidity was down a bit.  We were able to see goats, rabbits, sheep, deer, hawks, owls, vultures, a bobcat and my favorite, the bears!  I do believe I may have enjoyed it more than the Little Guy since he seemed enthralled, not with the animals and surroundings, but with his stroller.  He got to ride in the regular, upright, facing forward seat of his stroller rather than being clicked into the top portion which faces me while keeping him in his car seat.  I cannot even remember how many times I pointed out a sweet animal only to look over and see him chewing on his harness or grabbing at the awning.  If I had known that’s all it took to keep him happy I probably would have put him front facing much sooner and parked the stroller in the family room while I tried to get housework done. 

Oh well, I will have to tuck that trick away for another time, right?

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