Topic: Eating....Not Cooking, But Eating!

January 12, 2009 07:03 by ehouston

I love to eat!  I also love to try new things, whether that means a new restaurant or a new recipe.  I have noticed lots of other blogs have posts about cooking and because I enjoy cooking too I thought I would join in all the fun.  However, I decided I would rather just focus on the eating since I like that part the best.  I will share my recipes here and there if I created the food in question, but many of our meals are just combinations of old standbys.  Take for instance Tuna Mac & Cheese with Peas, which is one of my favorite meals.  I am sure this is totally unappealing to some of you, but these are all comfort foods for me.  When put all together this meal is like an old quilt from Grandma.  I love the flavors of the salty tuna and cheddar cheese mixed with the sweetness of English peas.  mmmmm, mmmm, good....Oh, I believe that line might be taken...?


Lunch, last Wednesday = Tuna, Mac & Cheese with Peas

How To (if you cannot just figure this one out):

Make Mac & Cheese according to package instructions.  (I used classic Velveeta Shells & Cheese)

Open can or package of Tuna and poor into the Mac & Cheese; Mix thoroughly, breaking apart any big chucks of tuna

Stir in one can of English peas


Rub your full belly!

Say Yum!


Kitsch Krafts

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January 13. 2009 03:29


You mean you took PERFECTLY GOOD mac & cheese and ruined it by adding little green balls and stinky fish? I really don't know how we're friends Smile


January 13. 2009 07:54


Jennifer- I actually thought of you the whole time I was writing this. I just KNEW you would love the combination!



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