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June 28, 2011 06:36 by ehouston

During our first trips to the Richmond, VA area we kept hearing so much about the little town of Petersburg just south of here.  Apparently it is undergoing a revitalization of the inner city, with the addition of shops, eateries and music venues.  With weekend company in tow I decided to make the nearly 45 minute drive from our place to investigate all that Petersburg  has to offer.  Let’s just say that this is about it:


The Oak Antiques Mall, in downtown Petersburg, VA.


Granny D and the Little Guy humoring me while I peruse the fabric stash upstairs.


These cute cat planters caught my eye.  How funny to put those long, tall cactus plants in for their tails.

Actually, there were quite a few little antique shops and mini antique malls spread throughout the downtown area.  None of us are big antique collectors, so the lure to walk through each and every one of those stores was just not there.  I did find a great desk with hutch at The Oak, but decided not to try to lug it home in my space-challenged SUV.  (I am still dreaming about it, though, so I may need to just make the trek!)

We did step into a cute little boutique full of new items, called Divine Diva.

(Image borrowed from the Divine Diva’s website)

If you are looking for a Brighton, Pandora and Vera Bradley fix, this is the place for you.  We also stopped in at the old Farmer’s Bank building turned Visitor’s Center, to try and get an idea if we were missing some big part of the “cute downtown”.  Unfortunately, we had already seen everything there was to see.  So, we asked for some assistance in finding the best spot for lunch.  While there were numerous suggestions that all sounded wonderful, we ended up choosing the Dixie Diner.

(Image from Richmond Magazine)

I could not find a link to any websites for this establishment, but it was really cute and quaint.  The food was simple and filling, like something your grandmother would whip up for you if you just stopped by.  I would definitely eat there again should I ever venture back to Petersburg.  I took this pic just before we wrapped things up and headed on for the day.


All in all, I would say the hype did not match what we found.  But, there appears to be a ton of work going on all over the downtown.  We know, because we drove through the entire area.  I think in a few years this place will be rockin’ the super-cute, cool downtown and I can’t wait.  It’s the perfect distance for a Saturday afternoon shopping getaway.  One thing they had plenty of were hair salons.  So, if you need a large choice of places to get your hair did, then Petersburg is definitely for you.

Have you guys been on any mini-getaways lately?  Do tell.

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