Trials And Tribulations

June 29, 2011 07:20 by ehouston

For a while now I have been thinking about switching the look of my stores on Etsy and Artfire.  But changing up your branding is a tough decision.  Especially if at one time you felt like it was exactly what you wanted, needed and thought your image should be.  Well, I have known for quite some time that none of those things are true any longer and changes needed to “come ‘round real soon”.  The image was blurry, the text hard to read and the color scheme was all wrong.  I also recently received some feedback from a fellow Etsian that suggested the same thing.  It was unsolicited, but right on and gave me that much needed kick in the rear to make the changes happen.  I just hope that what I have come up with gets my point across, or maybe I should say, gives the right feel for my store.  Which, by the way, will most likely be freed from the strictly vintage items soon.  At least I am considering removing all of that stuff from the Etsy entity and posting it on Artfire instead.  That was my original intention when I opened up the second shop over at Artfire.  I think I will give that a go again as a “vintage only” store and make a decision about keeping both open by the end of the year.  My Etsy storefront would then be filled with my handmade products. 

As for right now, well I would like to present the new brand look I am toying with for Kitsch Designs.


Here is the basic idea.  The image has been adjusted and the text placement modified to fit the different banners and avatars that I use throughout the interwebz.  I have always liked a red and blue color scheme in muted vintage shades, so I decided to scan one of my favorite tablecloth prints and have some fun with it.  I realized that over time the style of my handmade items has morphed into a very “cottage with a modern edge” look (at least that’s what I call it) and I wanted branding that conveys the same feel.  The Etsy shop is updated so far, but I am still working on Artfire and this here ol’ blog.  The Mister will have to help me with all that darned programming that I don’t understand in the least in order to make any changes at this site.  In the meantime you can just ooh and aaww this posting, ‘kay?

Let me know, folks!  Do you like or hate?

Kitsch Krafts

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