Up & Up at Target….How Do I Love Thee?

January 27, 2010 03:15 by ehouston

Let me count the ways…..

#1- Soft and Cozy!


Pampers eat your heart out!  The Little Dictator has spoken and he is demanding a polka-dot bum!

#2- Cushy Tushy


Super soft, sensitive skin baby wipes.  Who can resist a baby product with a name like that?  (eh-hem, I said BABY product! Weirdos!)

#3- Facial Scrub- Refreshing


This is the St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub knock-off.  It’s EXACTLY the same!

#4- Fantastic Plastic


Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags – Perfect size for The Little Guy’s Diaper Champ, diaper pail.   

#5- Rinsed Right


Dishwashing gel with a lovely lemon scent!  Mmmmm!

#6- Meat Locker (yes, these are the real product names)


Freezer bags with a double zipper, otherwise known as snack grab bags in our house.

#7- Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief- no cute name for this one….


…..but my nose sure does thank ya’!

#8- Children’s Saline Spray/Drops- This last one is sans a cool moniker as well…


….but this time my baby’s nose is happy!

I am sure I will be finding more of these generic, but colorful labels lining my cupboards in the coming months.  It seems that every time I go looking for a bargain in the Target Marketplace or the Health and Beauty section I come back with an Up & Up product.  If you haven’t tried them yet, I’m here to tell you they are worth it!  Every one of these items is considerably less expensive than their brand name counterpart.  The diapers alone come to about 14 cents a unit as opposed to the 20+ cents per unit I was paying for Pampers and the baby wipes are about 1 cent each versus 5 cents each for the name brand.  Can’t beat those savings!

Target, I Heart U 4 Evah!

Kitsch Krafts

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