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November 28, 2011 08:23 by ehouston

I cannot believe how quickly this month went by.  Not only because I am not as far along in getting my Christmas shopping accomplished as I had hoped, but because I had so many project plans for this past month that I never had a chance to start.  I was hoping to put together a post about the trays I decided to make for the family room.  And, then there was the self-imposed Pinterest Challenge- what was I thinking?  I actually have most of the materials I need for that one- I just need the time to do it.  It seems like this month has been spent doing a lot of sewing and then, of course, lot’s of cooking!  I guess I can show you what I ended up with after completing a couple of those sewing projects.

As you all have seen before in my family room side table switcheroo, we had some very sad looking pillows.  I won’t even call them accent pillows because they were used without abandon for naps, fort building, smack down fights, as well as, cushioning during long movies. 


The bolsters, especially, had seen better days.  So, I created some new pillows to grace our soft, old, perfectly worn-in sofa. 


Nothing miraculous, but it sure is nice to have more of a good thing!  Especially pillows in extra cuddly chenille.  For all the details please head over to Chic Tweaks.  Envelop pillow info, here and bolster pillow info, here.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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November 28. 2011 09:13

Niesz Vintage Home

Your pillows turned out great!
And thanks for the bolster link...I need to make one of those for the chair in the bedroom.

Kimberly Smile

Niesz Vintage Home

November 28. 2011 15:00


Aw, thanks Kimberly! There is a really simple drawstring version over at too.


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