While He Sleeps….

October 26, 2011 07:58 by ehouston


…I sneak off and this is what happens…

It would be so nice to have a “before” and “after” shot for you of all the projects that are currently under way around here, but so far things are still in process.  I did want to offer up a sneak peak….


I drug this thing home from the thrift store yesterday and although I promised The Mister that I would just clean it up and put it in place, it was a lie.  Right now Senor Mini- Hutch is sitting, unassembled in the garage.  But it does have a first coat of stain at least!  I can’t wait to get this finished up and set in place.  Next step will be to figure out what exactly to display in those glass cases….don’t you love getting a reflective glimpse of all the crud in our garage?  nice!

The Little Guy also talked me in to going a different direction for his Halloween costume this year.  Here is a shot of where we are so far. 


Can you figure out what he will be?  Stay tuned for an update early next week.

One last thing, I think I have our table trays for the Family Room all figured out.  Hint, it involves one of these…


I know, I know, you are totally shocked that I am using another diaper box in a project, right? 

Yeah, right!

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