Yep, I Wear An Apron

April 4, 2011 07:07 by ehouston

Not only do I stay at home with my kid, but I wear an apron while working around the house.  How’s that for Feminism?  hee!  I just posted a couple of cute aprons that I have been holding on to for years.  Don’t ask me why.  I just never got around to posting them to the shop.  So, I thought I would share them today.


This is the one I use daily.  It has a vintage image of a chef and maid flirting with each other.


I have washed this one a ton of times and it still looks really great.  If you are interested it’s available in my Etsy shop, here. (Well, not the exact one that I use, silly!  The one in my shop is brand new.)



This is one of my most favorite utility pocket aprons.  I used vintage Barkcloth to create deep pockets and tool loops across the mid-section.


It’s perfect for looking good while you make something else look good!  Check it out here.

Happy Cleaning all you Women’s Libbers!

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April 5. 2011 15:35


Hey long time no type! I've been so busy tryin to help Mom and Dad since he got out of the hospital. You aprons are too cute.
Love how your rooms are turning out in your past post.
Sorry I can't stay longer, but I do pop in and check up on ya.
Have a nice rest of the week!


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