You know you wish you were a Hobbit too!

September 24, 2008 04:54 by ehouston

When I was very young my parents renovated an old school to create our home.  My dad had his own construction company at the time and he did all the work, gutting and rebuilding the tiny little school, when he was not busy working for customers.  My parents put their ideas together creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in this rambling old building.  I remember the fun of being allowed to ring the bell that remained on the roof even after this place had been turned into our abode.  But, before this home was even finished I recall my dad talking about plans for our next family residence.  He had been reading a lot about earth sheltered homes and was thinking that would be our next big project.  One day...years later...he would dig up a hillside and build us a home.  Well, for many, many reasons that scenario never played out, but my dad always talked fondly about the concept and his dream.

Today, I came across this website and a lovely little earth sheltered home worthy of a prime location in the Hobbit's shire.  Now, I don't live in the traditional style new cookie cutter suburb, but I do have an older home that was probably once looked upon just as I view the newer subdivisions going up all over the countryside.  I am proud of reusing available inventory so to speak and not adding to the inherent environmental issues of buying in a brand new neighborhood.  That's not to say though, that if I win the PowerBall I might not consider a McMansion of my own.  ;0)  I just think this home is so cool and the fact that they built it quickly, for very little money and are basically off the grid is amazing!  Although, one thing I will admit is that I don't know that I am really up for getting this far back to nature.   However, I would love to have a peek inside this and the other homes shown on the site.


Isn't this just the cutest little place ever?  Click here to see more pictures of other similar homes.

So.....What is your favorite type or style of home?

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September 24. 2008 05:17

Linda Crispell

Imagine trying to mow your house. Even with lotto money I couldn't stomach a McMansion.

Linda Crispell

September 24. 2008 06:12


You're right...maybe I would just need to get a bigger hillside for my deluxe Hobbit home...;0)


September 25. 2008 03:28


This is too cool! Last week's People magazine had homes that had grass and gardens on the roofs and these remind me of it.


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