2012 Pinterest Challenges I Actually Accomplished : Post #2

March 5, 2013 09:17 by ehouston

Yep, it’s another door ornament, but it is super cool, right?  Our old Christmas wreath has seen better days and I was ready for something new, including a small project to tackle.  I saw this pic on Pinterest,

and could not resist the upgrade to our decor.  Unfortunately, what seems like a nearly endless amount of searching has not resulted in the original maker of this wreath.  I even tried a “Google” image search, but this has been a very popular pic and the search just pulled up hundreds of other sites that used this same image.  Whoever came up with this design….THANK YOU!!!  It’s super easy, super cute and works great for dark doors on houses that sit back from the road.  You could actually see this wreath from the street, which was a nice effect our set back.

To make this door decor I started at the craft store to buy the wreathes.  I ended up having to go to both Michael’s and Joann’s to get three that were the right dimensions next to each other.  In my memory I knew there were what looked like three ornaments hanging down from the neck to act as the buttons on his belly.  When I was looking through the Christmas decor isle at Michael’s I came across a doorknob hanger with metal holly leaves and berries and three large bells hanging down.  After snagging this item on sale and thinking I was brilliant, I took a closer look at the inspiration picture and realized it was exactly what the creator used in the original.  Wah-wuh….  so much for creativity!

I did manage to find a plaid scarf and black hat at the thrift store for a couple of bucks, making this one of the few projects I have completed from mostly complete objects.


If you read this blog or know me and my frugal ways, you are aware that I sometimes go to great (and ridiculous) lengths to create decor from the scratch items I have around my place.  I will admit that once the wreaths were sprayed white, putting the whole thing together took less than 10 minutes.  There is definitely a lot to be said for having all the parts ready to go from the beginning.


I do believe we got a lot of bang for our financial and time buck!  Oh, and a cute little addition thrown in to the image background for good measure.

Did you guys make anything new for your Christmas decor this past holiday season?

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Oh Choo Choo Tree, Oh Choo Choo Tree….

December 5, 2011 06:58 by ehouston

It was decided pretty early on that the Little Guy’s Christmas tree would have a train theme.  There is not a day that goes by that when asked what he did all day, he does not answer, “played trains!”  I was sure we would find some kind of cute garland with trains to wrap around a tabletop tree, place it in his room and call it a day.  I love decorating for the holidays, but when it gets even just a little too involved I am “over it” pretty quickly.  But after searching through several local craft and home dec shops we were surprised to come up empty-handed. 

Then one fateful afternoon we found these at Hobby Lobby:


8 piece bags of little wooden train silhouette cut-outs for about $2.00 each.  Each bag contained two sets of an engine, passenger car, tanker car and caboose.  Coupled with two different sizes of wooden beads I figured we were in the garland business.


The process to a kiddie style winter wonderland started with drilling tiny holes in the ends of each train and adding two coats of primer.  Next, I let the Little Guy have at it with the acrylic paints.  He picked the colors, started the job and then I finished them up to make them even.  I also spray painted the small wooden beads white and the larger beads deep red.  BTW- That’s right, he does have green paint smeared across his face and into his nearly white hair.  It took two days of washing and combing before he no longer looked like a little punk rocker.


After several base coats and some details added with a black paint pen we started the layout for stringing our garland.  Again, the little engineer picked which colors went on each train and then we divided the small and large beads between each line of trains.  Then using skinny creamy white ribbon we started stringing the lines together beginning with the train sections.


I did have to go back and recut the holes I had drilled using a small hole punch because the paint had closed them up.  Then I simply tied knots in the end of the ribbons until they were too large to pass through the holes and I strung the trains car to car with a few beads in between.  My son loved adding the beads with a little help from mom. 


Total concentration.  Tongue pushed into bottom lip, drool about to form.  Nothing could stop his nimble fingers from pressing those beads into place, nothing…well maybe playing with some toy trains…but!  that was the only thing!

After linking up the trains we hooked them to each other in one long garland with the rest of the beads strung in between.


I thought they looped around his tiny tree pretty well.


He loves pointing out the one odd ball engine, which he insisted we paint dark purple.


And, of course the number 1 engine, “Thomas”, has a special spot at the top.

Have you guys put together any special trees for your little ones?  Do you put up any other decorations with your kids or with your kids in mind?

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