A Few Of My Favorite Gifts And Décor : 2011

January 4, 2012 08:22 by ehouston

This year our decorations were pretty minimal.  Tree, check!  Wreath on door, check!  Vintage tinsel tree up and decorated, check!  Nativity in place, check!  Aside from a couple of other items that we set out to enjoy, we did little more to transform our home.  I think that having two sickies in the house at the beginning of the month just sort of did me in.  While I continued to keep the household afloat, I decided that any additional pressure on myself to have some over-the-top holiday home would surely result in my succumbing to the worst of it.  So, I did the bare minimum and enjoyed the rest of the month, semi-illness free.  We did attempt luminaries along the street as part of our neighborhood tradition for the first time this year.  I say “attempt” because we lit them, went to a friend’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and returned two hours later to find them burned out.  I had no idea that the tea lights I bought were so crummy.  Oh well, maybe we will get it right next year.  The only new additions to our holiday home were the tiny train themed tree for my tiny man and this:


On the weekend after Thanksgiving I found this 20 foot strand of lighted garland, originally from Target for $19.99, at Goodwill for only $8.99.  Over the last two years our little card stand has become overrun with Christmas greetings (aren’t we popular!?!) and ended up looking really messy.  So, this year I hung the garland in the foyer around the opening to the formal living room.  As the cards came in we used clothespins to clip them in place.  The Little Guy loved having a say in where each one was placed.  Although, if it weren’t for a little coaching nearly every card would have been hung in the same spot roughly 2 feet from the floor.  This ended up being a favorite for all of us and I think we will continue this tradition going forward.

On Christmas morning my mom and her boyfriend surprised us with a fun and funky slab cutting board.


They had an artist friend of theirs carve it, complete with a heart in the eye and…


…the cutest curlie-q tail!

One of my most favorite gifts I have ever received arrived just before the big day and was created from one of my very crafty friends.


I mean really, Jennifer!  Could this be any cooler?


She used a neat old book with cool bike graphics to create a hiding spot for a pen and pad.


As you can see this girl that lives-and-dies-by-the-list has already put it to good use.  I have even used the old library card holder to stash other notes and…well, other lists!  Yes, it’s a sickness.

Hope you all had a great time and got everything on your list!

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January 5. 2012 05:36

Jennifer H

So, so glad you liked the notepad holder! I made one for myself and my mom too. I keep mine in my purse and it doesn't get beat up. My sister just thought they were weird so I'm glad you liked it Smile

Jennifer H

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