Christmas Shopping–AHHHHHH!!!!

December 2, 2011 08:11 by ehouston

Right after leaving the carpool line at preschool yesterday, I made the much-dreaded trek to Toys-R-Us.  I had been putting off this run because not only do I dislike shopping, but I also can hardly bare the prices at T.R.U. and the madness that is a toy store.  I figured getting there early would mean I could leave quickly.  No, it only meant I had more quiet contemplation time to discover even more things I want to buy the Little Guy.  Lucky for my bank account I pulled myself together and got out of there before I was broke.  Apparently I’m not the only one feeling the pain of the season.  I overheard the lady in the line next to me complaining, very nicely I might add, about having to wait a really long time and how she would have appreciated someone telling her the other lane was open.  I felt a twinge of guilt since I had entered that lane and cruised right through.  Of course, I had no idea she had been waiting.  As I was leaving the store our paths crossed, literally, she was going one way and I was going the other.  I decided to attempt to ease her frustration by letting her know the cashier that had just waited on me was hideous, absolutely hideous!  She laughed as I told her that I did not get a smile or a decent tone when she actually did speak to me.  In general it was an unpleasant experience and she probably got the better end of that deal having to wait over in the other line.  She said it helped.  I sure hope so!

It’s going to be a looonnng holiday season if the cashiers are already copping an attitude on December 1st.


Kitsch Krafts

PS- Here is a little Bing Crosby to help get you in the spirit.  That is, if you haven’t already stabbed your eardrums out from the incessant Christmas music playing every where already.  ;o)

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