Roxy - The Wonder Dog

January 23, 2012 08:32 by ehouston

This past weekend we had to say goodbye one of our dearest friends. Our old girl Roxy would have turned 16 this August, but her body was really showing her age in dog years if you know what I mean. Luckily she had the energy for one last romp in the yard on MLK day, chasing golf balls as my husband chipped them around for her. She seemed her usual self, albeit pretty old and semi-crippled, but still able to let her inner puppy out when that felt natural. Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn for the worse as her arthritis plagued body just gave up. Saying goodbye is quite possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, seeing as how she was my constant companion for all those years. Seeing her suffer was worse.



The mister and Roxy enjoying one of the biggest snowfalls we ever had in Nashville, TN.


She always posed with our Christmas tree, circa 2007.



For these two it was true love from first sight!

We will miss you Roxy! You can never be replaced. Here’s to chasing balls in heaven!

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January 23. 2012 11:16


Oh, Erika. I'm so so so sorry. My little dog is showing age as well and the thought of her not being here breaks my heart. I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are truly members of our family and I know that you will miss her dearly. *tears* Sending you a big old hug!!!!


January 23. 2012 17:55


Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is hard, but the love makes it worth the sorrow. I think God gave us dogs to give us the perfect example of unconditional. Take care.


January 24. 2012 02:49


Thank you ladies- it means a lot.


January 24. 2012 06:49

Jennifer H

((((hugs)))) sweetie. We have been there and know what a painful decision it is.

Jennifer H

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